FIFA 21: Pre-Season shows opportunity has arrived for EA to go for occasional updates

Posted on 08/03/2020 by admin

With huge changes showing up in the gaming scene, will we see another approach to play our preferred titles? With EA’s Pre-Season promotion empowering players to procure awards for FIFA 21, is it an indication of what might be on the horizon? Whisperings of a membership model have shown up on gatherings, so we should look at how it could function.


FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s most recent promotion occasion has got everybody talking. It is the principal chance FIFA players need to gain awards for the up and coming arrival of FIFA 21. Awards to excel in FUT 21 like packs, credit players and consumables are all available to anyone all through the occasion. Be that as it may, does this occasion show the requirement for EA to move to a membership model for any semblance of FIFA?  

Occasional Updates

As of now, EA needs to invest energy building up another FIFA game every year. With a membership model, EA could concentrate on ordinary updates to bring FIFA to its maximum capacity. Games like Fortnite do normal updates all through without building up a totally new game, so it is conceivable. Be that as it may, a consistent membership model would carry with it a few challenges.  

Extreme Team

How might Ultimate Teamwork on the off chance that it doesn’t reset on each new game? Before the finish of each season, most groups are pressed out with top of the line players delivering most essential cards pointless. Players would likewise become obsolete as well, so a breaking point would need to be made on when these players can be utilized. EA could clearly reset crews once every year similar to the case currently, however would this vibe directly with individuals utilizing genuine cash in-game?  

Profession Mode

A membership model could greatly profit Career Mode with ordinary updates keeping it new. There would be no reason for redundant meetings and collaborations as they could be refreshed continually. In any case, with normal updates, we may see certain highlights added to the game that impede the game mode. For instance, any component as of now in the game, for example, player preparation, would be hard to evacuate in the wake of utilizing it for a few seasons.  

Cutting edge

At this point, we as a whole know the PS5 and Xbox Series X are on their way. One huge component of the PS5 is you can buy one without a circle drive. Without a requirement for physical plates, the way could be cleared for memberships to turn into the standard. For yearly games like FIFA and Madden, this is absolutely a chance.  


Konami has tried things out it could be said. PES 2021 will be a season update as opposed to a fresh out of the plastic new game, in spite of the fact that this is on the grounds that they are investing every one of their amounts of energy into PES 2022. What refreshes we see stays obscure, however, we would anticipate some minor changes, and obviously group, unit, and player refreshes as well. We don’t anticipate that a gigantic update should PES 2020, anyway we might even now want to see critical enhancements, after all, we are paying for it!  


It absolutely has its advantages. Without building up a fresh out of the plastic new game, EA could bring out normal updates to truly make the most ideal game. A membership model with month to month or yearly installment could take FIFA higher than ever with EA not agonizing overselling their next game. We can’t state without a doubt whether this will occur or not, however it is an energizing suggestion.