FIFA 17 Skill – Guide to All Stepovers

Posted on 06/12/2017 by admin

Today we will share a FIFA 17 video with you guys. This video is about the details of stepovers. All variations of this skill are included in this tutorial. You can spend some time watching it and practice it again and again until you get it.

You can see from the video that if it is performed rightly. This skill will be very overpowered. There will be a lot of advantages if you can use it. One of them is that this skill is a 2-star skill. It means that you can use any of your players to perform this skill.

And the other is that you are able to exit in every direction you want. This can be regarded as a game-changer and be effective when you take out incoming defenders and midfielders. The right-analogue stick will result in the amount of the stepovers that you performed.

It means that if needed, you can do one or twenty in a row. This skill is totally a skill move with bass control.