FIFA 17 Guide – Long Shot Tutorial

Posted on 06/14/2017 by admin

Long distance can be called as one of the easiest ways to score in FIFA 17. Here is a tutorial about this skill. You can have a look at the following video and learn all the tricks and tips.

In the above video, all players are put together. When you manage it, this will be very simple. What you need to know first is that the best for long shots is the standard power shot. You can perform it by holding and pressing the shoot button which is circle or B on PlayStation or Xbox.

The second rule is to look at the goalkeepers of opponent in the goal. If the keeper is covering the goal’s left side, you can aim long range shot for the corner of the opponent.

Before hitting a shot, it can almost guarantee or hit the back of the net if you can perform a skill move. About the shot power, you can load up two and a half bars for shots outside the penalty area and three bars for rickets like 25 – 35 yards.

Finesse longshots is the last step. This is second kind of long shot that you can take advantage of. When you shoot from distance, there are no available kinds of shot. This will be successful if you can aim widely of the post and then make the ball into the top corners. If there is finesse shot trait or great curve stats with the specific player, this skill will be more overpowered.